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Charmian Creagle

Charmian Creagle is a theater director and producer with The Reformers along with her husband, actor Sean Doran. Originally from Los Angeles, she studied theater in Ashland then spent a decade in New York before returning to Portland. She is CoChair of the Buckman School PTA. Charmian has been a dear friend of mine for over 25 years.

The Reformers

The Reformers on Facebook

Buckman Elementary PTA

Charmian will appear on the October 9th My Real Portland.

Stacey Rice

Stacey Rice has made an important and lasting impact on Portland in 6 years in the city. Stacey is a speaker and trainer on trans policies for businesses, government organizations. In 5 years with the Q Center, the largest LGBTQ2SIA+ community center in the Pacific Northwest, Stacey made the organization more inclusive and equitable, while shoring up the financial aspects to ensure a solid foundation for the center. She was recognized by the Gay and Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest as a Queer Hero in 2016 for her work at Q Center and in the greater Portland community. She now works for the City Club of Portland and organization dedicated to community service, public affairs and leadership development.

And this quote of hers could have been said by myself: "In her spare time, you will find Stacey out wandering the backroads of the Pacific NW, hiking to her favorite spots in the Gorge and on the Coast, maybe sitting under a big Ponderosa Pine tree somewhere in the high desert, or heading out to Willamette Valley wine country."

Q Center website

City Club website

Katrina Kahl

Katrina Kahl is a fellow graduate of Portland’s David Douglas High School (Go Scots!) Katrina then graduated from PSU and then on to earn a Masters in Public Health from UC Berkeley. Katrina worked for the Michael J Fox Foundation and National Psoriasis Foundation, and after serving 5 years on it’s Board of Directors, Katrina began her position as Executive Director of the Brian Grant Foundation in Spring 2016. It’s Katrina Kahl!

Brian Grant Foundation

Red V Blk Game with Brian Grant Foundation and Maurice Lucas Foundation August 18, 2018

Katrina’s Twitter @katrinakahl

Katrina will be featured on the august 14th recording of my real portland!

Heather Arndt Anderson
Heather Arndt Anderson

Heather Arndt Anderson

Heather Arndt Anderson is a Portland author of four food-centric books, wrote the Pacific Northwest chapter in the 4-volume Food Cultures of the World Encyclopedia, appears on the OPB podcast The Four Top, and recently wrote about in Portland Monthly about an obscure love colony in 1859 Honduras from a founder of Milwaukie.

She was recently featured on The Splendid Table.

Heather's Instagram and Twitter

Adrienne Flagg
Adrienne Flagg

Adrienne Flagg

Adrienne Flagg is a Portland actress that I met in while working on my friend Charmian’s production of a unique theater work called La Boite! She’s also a Realtor with Urban Nest, an acting teacher, an urban farmer, and she’s here to talk about her work with in the small animal kingdom of Bees.

Adrienne can be seen performing every third Thursdays with The Knock Outs at Cider Riot at 807 NE Couch

Adrienne's Instagram and Twitter