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Imagine the worst mistake you’ve ever made in your life. Close your eyes and visualize it in vivid, agonizing detail.
Now multiply it by a billion and you know how Stuart feels.

The Reformers’ latest production We’re All Gonna Die premieres at Lloyd Center Mall October 11th, 2019. This immersive, location-specific production promises equal parts laughter, fright and gross otherworldly creatures! Since 2013 The Reformers have been bringing Portland the cutting edge in Halloween entertainment, from a ride in a van with a zombie to a costume party that ends in supernatural bloodshed and beyond. Multiple nightly performances allow us to keep our audiences small and our theatrical experiences intimate. Join us for seasonal scares like you’ve never experienced before and discover why The Reformers is Lvoe!

LLOYD CENTER MALL CLOSES AT 8:00PM. THE ONLY ENTRANCE AVAILABLE IS ON THE SECOND FLOOR AFTER 8:00PM! Entrance and parking at the NW 2nd floor corner (near the newly haunted Nordstroms).

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The Reformers will appear on the October 13th episode

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Charmian Creagle

Charmian Creagle is a theater director and producer with The Reformers along with her husband, actor Sean Doran. Originally from Los Angeles, she studied theater in Ashland then spent a decade in New York before returning to Portland. She is CoChair of the Buckman School PTA. Charmian has been a dear friend of mine for over 25 years.

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Charmian will appear on the October 9th My Real Portland.