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R Tod Kelly

R Tod Kelly is a writer, journalist,  professional speaker, and management consultant living in the Pacific Northwest.

His work has appeared in Newsweekmarie claireThe Daily BeastNPRRISK!LongreadsPublic Radio InternationalDan Savage’s Hot MicThe League of Ordinary GentlemenYahoo! NewsEnoughWith Her In Mind Network, and Pickathon. He is currently a regular contributor for marie claire International and Artistic Director for 7 Deadly Sins Productions and its live storytelling shows 7 Deadly Sins MainStage, 7DS: Pants On Fire, and 7DS: NW Story Tour.

Erika Worth of ROAR Fierce Female Voices says:

R Tod Kelly is the reason I started the ROAR show. I had the idea but completely dismissed it. His endless support and encouragement were vital to this show ever happening. Not only is Tod a huge supporter of voices from all walks of life in both of his shows 7 Deadly Sins Show and 7DS: Pants On Fire!, but he's an integral part of the storytelling community. In addition to being the unofficial Godfather of Portland Storytelling, he's a devoted husband, dad, and contributing writer to Marie Claire and The Daily Beast. 




7 Deadly Sins

R Tod Kelly will appear on the Sunday, July 14th episode.

Season 2 Episode 3: Belinda Carroll, Jasmine Pettet, Shannon Olive, and Amanda Richards

Enjoy Comedian Belinda Carroll @belindacomedy, Storyteller Jasmine Pettet of @telltalepdx, Singer Songwriter Amanda Richards @theamandarichards, and Shannon Olive of Rebuild Women First, a project that helps women transition out of Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, Oregon's primary women only prison, in Wilsonville. Recorded live on Mother’s Day May 12 at the Jade Lounge.

You can download the link below to listen whereever you’d like, or simply visit the homepage for links to the podcast on most popular podcasting platforms/apps.

Stacey Rice

Stacey Rice has made an important and lasting impact on Portland in 6 years in the city. Stacey is a speaker and trainer on trans policies for businesses, government organizations. In 5 years with the Q Center, the largest LGBTQ2SIA+ community center in the Pacific Northwest, Stacey made the organization more inclusive and equitable, while shoring up the financial aspects to ensure a solid foundation for the center. She was recognized by the Gay and Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest as a Queer Hero in 2016 for her work at Q Center and in the greater Portland community. She now works for the City Club of Portland and organization dedicated to community service, public affairs and leadership development.

And this quote of hers could have been said by myself: "In her spare time, you will find Stacey out wandering the backroads of the Pacific NW, hiking to her favorite spots in the Gorge and on the Coast, maybe sitting under a big Ponderosa Pine tree somewhere in the high desert, or heading out to Willamette Valley wine country."

Q Center website

City Club website

Nikole Potulsky

Nikole Potulsky has a voice that can lilt through the air like a tiny bird or burst through the gut with the soul of a wild beast. The stories she weaves through lyric and music resonate in our bones because they are reminiscent of our shared human past of storytelling around an intimate campfire of family and friends. 

From Nikole's Bio: Nikole Potulsky grew up in small towns, at the kitchen tables of working women who taught her to read cards, listen for deeper meaning, make her own money, and never back down.  Her stories often chronicle the lives of these women- mothers, grandmothers, counterfeiters, fortune tellers, bar owners, gamblers, arsonists, divorcees, and mistresses. She connects their stories of rebellion and resistance  to her own, and raises up parallel stories of resilience. Nikole writes to reminds us that there is beauty and power in everything, particularly the darkness, the unspoken, the lost, and the forgotten. 

Nikole Potulsky stirs the the raw emotion of the blues, the call to action of folk, the storytelling of country music with the longing for salvation of gospel.

Nikole has performed across the United States on stages with  Israel Nash,  Daphne Willis, Edna Vasquez, Ashleigh Flynn, Taína Asili y la Banda Rebelde, Evan Greer, and at events like Queer Tacoma, Unchaste, Get Nervous, Grief Rites, Coming Out Monologues, Siren Nation, OutLoud Music Festival, Rhea Music Festival, Batts Comedy Tour, and once in a honky tonk bar behind chicken wire.


Nikole's Facebook page
Nikole's YouTube
Nikole's Website

Nikole will appear at the September 11th, 2018 taping of My Real Portland.

Katrina Kahl

Katrina Kahl is a fellow graduate of Portland’s David Douglas High School (Go Scots!) Katrina then graduated from PSU and then on to earn a Masters in Public Health from UC Berkeley. Katrina worked for the Michael J Fox Foundation and National Psoriasis Foundation, and after serving 5 years on it’s Board of Directors, Katrina began her position as Executive Director of the Brian Grant Foundation in Spring 2016. It’s Katrina Kahl!

Brian Grant Foundation

Red V Blk Game with Brian Grant Foundation and Maurice Lucas Foundation August 18, 2018

Katrina’s Twitter @katrinakahl

Katrina will be featured on the august 14th recording of my real portland!

My Real Portland - The Podcast! Second Episode
Clockwise from Top Left: Guests Whitney Streed, Denise Pena, Melinda Pittman, and Host Joseph Lyons

Clockwise from Top Left: Guests Whitney Streed, Denise Pena, Melinda Pittman, and Host Joseph Lyons

The second My Real Portland The Podcast features 3 Real Portland Originals - Comedian Whitney Streed, Storyteller Denise Pena, and Actress, Playwright, Singer, Songwriter and Bon Vivant Melinda Pittman!
Recorded Live at Jade Lounge, April 25th, 2018.
Hosted and Produced by myself Realtor Joseph Lyons,

The next episode records live at Jade Lounge, Monday June 11th, 2018 at 7 PM. Happy Hour at 6:30. 

My Real Portland - The Podcast! First Episode
Clockwise from Top Left: Guests Brandon Lyons, Joaquin Lopez, Nico Bella, and Paul Iarrobino

Clockwise from Top Left: Guests Brandon Lyons, Joaquin Lopez, Nico Bella, and Paul Iarrobino

The debut My Real Portland features 4 Real Portland Originals - Comedian Brandon Lyons, Storyteller Paul Iarrabino, Spellbound Flowers Owner Nico Bella, and Singer-Songwriter Joaquin Lopez!
Recorded Live at Jade Lounge, March 28, 2018.
Hosted and Produced by myself Realtor Joseph Lyons,

The next episode records live at Jade Lounge, April 25th, 2018 at 7 PM. Happy Hour at 6:30. 

Dedicated to my mom, Beverley Jo Lyons.