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Adam Carpinelli

Adam Carpinelli breaks the sound barrier; creating ripples in the space time continuum altering futures in cosmic dimensions.  As a multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, electric bass, drumset and percussion; his compositions take music to a new level fusing American styles such as jazz and funk with genres from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.   His studies of world music started with Ghanaian drumming; having performed, and recorded for Obo Addy, the late Master Drummer.   Adam currently performs and records with Senegalese Master Drummer Massamba Diop from Baaba Maal’s band in a new  project called “Walo Walo.”  He resides in Portland, Oregon where he performs with ShvvvrWamba and World Beat Collective.

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Adam Carpinelli will appear on the July 14th episode of My Real Portland!

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R Tod Kelly

R Tod Kelly is a writer, journalist,  professional speaker, and management consultant living in the Pacific Northwest.

His work has appeared in Newsweekmarie claireThe Daily BeastNPRRISK!LongreadsPublic Radio InternationalDan Savage’s Hot MicThe League of Ordinary GentlemenYahoo! NewsEnoughWith Her In Mind Network, and Pickathon. He is currently a regular contributor for marie claire International and Artistic Director for 7 Deadly Sins Productions and its live storytelling shows 7 Deadly Sins MainStage, 7DS: Pants On Fire, and 7DS: NW Story Tour.

Erika Worth of ROAR Fierce Female Voices says:

R Tod Kelly is the reason I started the ROAR show. I had the idea but completely dismissed it. His endless support and encouragement were vital to this show ever happening. Not only is Tod a huge supporter of voices from all walks of life in both of his shows 7 Deadly Sins Show and 7DS: Pants On Fire!, but he's an integral part of the storytelling community. In addition to being the unofficial Godfather of Portland Storytelling, he's a devoted husband, dad, and contributing writer to Marie Claire and The Daily Beast. 




7 Deadly Sins

R Tod Kelly will appear on the Sunday, July 14th episode.

Molly Smithson

Molly Smithson is a polymath. She is a comedian, author, consultant, social media expert. Molly is launching her own podcast about Relationships, Sex, Cats, Vintage clothes and antiques, Camping, Family, Politics. I’ll ask Molly about all of those things, and specifically “Why does my cat know to crap in a box, but barfs only on the carpet?”

Molly will appear on the July 14th My Real Portland!





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Joaquin Lopez
Joaquin Lopez

Joaquin Lopez

Joaquin and I’ve known each other for over a quarter century! We first met at in the theater department at Southern Oregon State College in the early 90s and our paths continue to cross here on stage.

I came out as a fabulous gay boy in 1989. Being out in middle school and high school was hard. I wrestled with feeling isolated at home, being bullied at school, and feeling unwanted. I got through this period of my life with my close girlfriends dancing to Erasure, Madonna, and New Order at the underage dance clubs in downtown Portland. We found PRIDE on the dance floor!

I am that 14-year old boy who is feminine, creative, and full of life. I got lost along the way, but today, I'm ready to return and be seen for who I am. 

I dedicate this album to all of us queer kids who choose life, who choose freedom and self-expression, and who choose love. 


Joaquin’s 2019 Kickstarter

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Eddy Morales

Councilor Eddy Morales was elected to a four-year term for Council Position 2 in November 2018 and sworn into office on January 8, 2019. 

A small business owner and community organizer, Councilor Morales spent the last 18 years working for multiple national organizations dedicated to community change including Morales Public Relations, a business he started six years ago. His work has proven successful and allowed him to collaborate with policy makers from around the country enabling him to give back to the community that has given him so much.

As recipients of public benefits and the support of countless individuals, he and his family witnessed firsthand growing up how a little assistance can change the entire direction of one’s life and break the cycle of poverty. From grassroots activism to board service, he has kept the needs of local communities close at heart, advocating for vulnerable communities to gain access to healthcare, immigration reform, housing equity, education and ending gun violence. Since 2003 he has raised over $60 million in support of these efforts.

Public benefits also afforded Councilor Morales the opportunity to attend the University of Oregon where he studied Spanish and Planning, Public Policy and Management. He represented his fellow students in leadership and during these formative years decided to dedicate himself to advancing the quality of life for all individuals through civic engagement and public policy.

“My vision for Gresham includes prosperity and opportunity for everyone who lives here. I want to bring my experience, skills, determination and compassion to the Gresham City Council to help tackle issues like housing, transportation, economic growth and education.”

Recognizing that Gresham is one of Oregon’s fastest growing cities, Councilor Morales understands that Council must work proactively together to preserve what we all value about our community. Though Gresham is working well at serving a number of citizens, he noted we have a poverty rate of 20%, which is well above Oregon’s average, sadly leaving many of our neighbors out of economic opportunities.
Councilor Morales currently shares a multi-generational home with his partner, Hugh, mother in-law, Rochelle, and rescue dog, Besitos. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, baking, gardening and sailing and dedicates himself to volunteerism and public service. He is the founder and co-chair of the University of Oregon Latino Alumni Association, Treasurer of the Democratic Party of Oregon, founder of East County Rising, and serves on the boards of the Community Catalyst Action Fund, Midwest Academy, Oregon Coalition for Common Sense, Battleground Texas, Code for Progress and Justice Matters Press.


Cameron Whitten

cameron (all pronouns) is a proud queer and black activist who has lived in Portland since 2009. Ze first arrived in Portland as a homeless youth and later became a prominent community advocate, storyteller, and civic entrepreneur. Ze has almost a decade of leadership with nonprofit, civic, and political causes, such as Occupy Portland, Know Your City, and Portland’s Resistance. cameron is founder and principal of multimedia and leadership development business Streams of Resistance LLC, through which he works as a motivational speaker and equity trainer. In 2018, cameron founded and became lead advocate for racial justice nonprofit Brown Hope, which is known for the Reparations Power Hour and Blackstreet Bakery. Whitten currently serves on the board of directors for Reach Community Development and Pioneer Courthouse Square, Inc.


Corina Lucas

Corina Lucas is a Portland based comedian with a high-energy style. She was raised in the suburbs and went to Catholic School so, of course, her material is filthy.

She placed third in 2018’s Portland’s Funniest Person contest, the Portland Mercury named her one of their ‘Undisputable Geniuses of Comedy’ and the Willamette Weekly named her one of the top five comedians in Portland. She has been on SF Sketchfest, the Portland Queer Comedy Festival and the All Jane Comedy Festival and was featured on the Epix original series ‘Unprotected Sets’.

She has been on The Portland Queer Comedy Festival, the All Jane Comedy Festival and SF Sketchfest. She cohosts The Alliance every Sunday at Alberta Street pub. Her butt has been described as breathtaking


Belinda Carroll

Belinda Carroll is Co-Founder of the Portland Queer Comedy Festival and Organizer of the Portland Dyke March since 2011. Belinda hosts Smut, a monthly comedy show at Funhouse Lounge. According to, she’s one of 8 comedians to watch who are not problematic.

Portland Queer Comedy Festival

Portland Dyke March

Smut at Funhouse Lounge

Belinda on Twitter

Belinda will appear on the October 9th My Real Portland.

Amanda Richards

Amanda came into my consciousness after she did costumes for my friend and My Real Portland guest Charmian Creagle. Charmian and her husband’s company The Reformers mounted an awesome adaptation of King Lear this year and the costumes were hysterical - made out of Maruchan ramen packages!

Amanda Richards creates her distinctive alternative country music deftly balanced on the fulcrum between tradition and contemporary rock innovation. It has won the Portland, OR-based singer, songwriter, musician and entertainer an Independent Music Award, six first-round Grammy nominations, critical acclaim, international attention, leading light stature on her city's burgeoning neo-roots scene with her band The Good Long Whiles, and devoted fans that savor the sharpness she brings to a wealth of tried and true musical sounds. Over the course of five albums this multi-talented young woman has risen to become an artist making her mark in Americana and beyond. As critic Paul Riley declares in England's Country Music People, "Right now I regard Amanda Richards one of country music's most important singers."
She certainly has stamped her singular imprint with her 2011 release, Play Dead, a wry and delightfully frightening musical indie zombie flick in song that prompted Willamette Week to observe, "If Sam Raimi and Bonnie Raitt had a baby, it might turn out an awful lot like Amanda Richards." Her deft feel for the finest old-school country, rock, blues and folk strains is something she comes by honestly and in fact genetically as the granddaughter of Rusty Richards, who sang and played with cowboy music legends The Sons of the Pioneers for nearly two decades and is the patriarch of a family musical lineage Amanda now advances into the third generation. It takes just a listen to agree with the Portland Tribune that she "not only sings her heart out and picks guitar, she’s also pretty dang funny," and, as Whisperin and Hollerin declares, "is a fine storyteller, narrating her tales of heartache with a brutally honest pen."
Born into music in Orange County, CA while her father led one the area's leading outlaw C&W acts, Jason Richards & the Silverado Band, Amanda was stepping up onstage to sing with her father at his standing shows at Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm and other Southern California venues from soon after she started to walk. As she explains, "Music has been my whole thing my whole life" – alongside such other artistic pursuits as a henna body artist, interior designer, muralist and more – "and I got really comfortable when I was really young singing in front of people." At age 17 Richards played her first paid solo show: four hours onstage that earned her $400. "After that every other gig I did was easy."
Not much later she made her recorded debut in 2001 with an EP, Last Train, followed by the albums Not Always Sexy (2004) and Live at Mississippi Studios (2006). With Who Has Your Heart in 2009 Richards earned Grammy nominations for Song of the Year, Best Female Country Performance, and two nods each for Record of the Year and Best Country Song. Play Dead won the Best Concept Album Independent Music Award, and was hailed as a "masterpiece... incredible" (Country Music People) and "both sweet and enduring" (Portland Mercury). Two years later she refashioned eight classic Christmas songs into an imaginatively unique holiday album, Bleak Winter.
Richards has become a frequent and popular presence on the Portland live music scene, playing with her band – Steve Moore on lap steel, banjo and guitar, bassist Andrew Clapp and drummer Mark Powers – as well as solo and in duo configurations at such venues as the Aladdin and Alberta Rose Theaters, Laurelthirst Public House and other Portland area clubs. She has been featured on NPR's River City Folk in an hour-long interview and appeared at SXSW 2008 as a finalist in FameCast's Pop Phenom competition live show and webcast. Her Play Dead performances have evolved into musical theater extravaganzas with Amanda and her musicians playing out the story in full undead regalia.
It all adds up to a "bold-voiced artist" (CoOpted), "highly talented songwriter" (Country Music People), alluring live performer who takes audiences on a journey through many different styles and moods, and skilled songwriter whose releases are delicately crafted and beautifully realized. "She’s spellbinding across the spectrum," concludes the Portland Tribune, "and a standout whose star is on the rise."


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Shannon Olive
Shannon new picture(1).jpg

Shannon Olive was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She is 40 years old with two boys (22 and 20) who also live in Portland. After graduating from Concorde Career Institute with her Medical Assistant in 2004 it was very challenging to find a job. Later that year, she was introduced to Oregon Action by Johnnie Gage during the George Bush vs John Kerry 2004 Presidential Election and they were recruiting for their voter registration campaign.

Shannon never voted, but that year discovered that she can too make a difference and was glad to be a part of something different. Shannon was unstoppable, and now had joined the social movement, fighting for our rights, addressing issues then and now that would make Oregon a better place for low-income communities of color. Her first organizer position was with OPAL (Organizing People, Activating Leaders) and Environmental Justice Group in SE Portland. She organized their first Bus Riders Campaign and they informed over 2,000 Bus Riders about the fare increase and budgets cuts.

After her work with OPAL, Shannon returned to Portland Community College to further her education with an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice. While attending school she became an employee working with ASPCC Student Government for two years as the Director of Legislative Affairs. In June 2015, Shannon received her Associate Degree. Shannon has been serving her community since 2004. Now she’s the Founder/President for WomenFirst Transition & Referral Center, working to serve women in re-entry and recovery - supporting them to rebuild their lives to succeed. She will never stop. The fight is in her and she will continue to fight for change until it comes.

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