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Dani Schi

Dani Schi was raised on a farm in northern Michigan and makes home here in Portland. In fact, she runs a non-profit that repairs homes of people in need all across Washington County, helping to stabilize housing, households, and our community. Dani also spends her time on stages all across the Portland area as a standup comic. She’s even returned home to her native state to perform in Detroit’s Women of Comedy Festival.

Dani will appear on the October 13th episode!

guest, comedyJoseph Lyons

Bisi Ashley is Adebisi Okuneye, a West African name in the Yoruba language meaning "another added to the crown." Through the healing sounds of their neo-soul music Bisi Ashley and her 6 sworn band mates are manifesting her truest self and creating a tribe of lovers, listeners, artists, free thinkers, and kind hearted people. Join us.

Bisi Okuneye- Lead Vocals
Lee Hauser- Drums/Percussion
Stephanie Kitson- Bass Guitar/Vox
Miguel Hernandez- Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Julian Lopez- Keyboard/Piano
Keith Cheek- Tenor Sax/Flute
Jeff Chilton- Trombone/Vox

Adebisi was cleared by a grand jury of assault against a MAGA hat wearing neo-Nazi on September 5th.

Adebisi on Facebook

Adebisi will appear on the October 13th episode

guest, musicJoseph Lyons
The Reformers


Imagine the worst mistake you’ve ever made in your life. Close your eyes and visualize it in vivid, agonizing detail.
Now multiply it by a billion and you know how Stuart feels.

The Reformers’ latest production We’re All Gonna Die premieres at Lloyd Center Mall October 11th, 2019. This immersive, location-specific production promises equal parts laughter, fright and gross otherworldly creatures! Since 2013 The Reformers have been bringing Portland the cutting edge in Halloween entertainment, from a ride in a van with a zombie to a costume party that ends in supernatural bloodshed and beyond. Multiple nightly performances allow us to keep our audiences small and our theatrical experiences intimate. Join us for seasonal scares like you’ve never experienced before and discover why The Reformers is Lvoe!

LLOYD CENTER MALL CLOSES AT 8:00PM. THE ONLY ENTRANCE AVAILABLE IS ON THE SECOND FLOOR AFTER 8:00PM! Entrance and parking at the NW 2nd floor corner (near the newly haunted Nordstroms).

Get Tickets Now

The Reformers will appear on the October 13th episode

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Jenna Vesper

Jenna Vesper is Willamette Week’s 2019 Favorite Comedian ,a high energy, crass, hardworking, loud divorced/queer/chubby/hairy slut who loves jokes about her dead parents! She produces Portland favorite Comic Strip, and produces/hosts SMUT, DISOWNED, podcast Date Card Pod, and co-produces the Portland Queer Comedy Festival. She was a semi finalist in Queerspace Magazines Outstanding Queer Comedy Competition and graced the stages of the Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival, HAHA Harvest Festival, and Point Break Comedy & Meatball Festival. Validate her on all social media platforms @jennawithasmile ‘Seriously, give Jenna validation. She really needs this right now.’ - Jenna’s therapist.

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Jenna will appear on the November 10th episode

guest, comedyJoseph Lyons
Complimentary Colors

One December day in 2016, two songbirds, Camille Rose and Ashley Elizabeth, flew in to each other’s paths in the Pacific Northwest. As winter faded and their love bloomed, the folk-pop of Complimentary Colors was born.

Complimentary Colors dances through a rainbow of emotions with childlike joy as they play small, often unusual instruments behind their lush harmonies. Hear them explore their folk and country roots together, adding touches of the theatrical, while they steal your heart with their catchy, heartfelt tunes and the love that they share.

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Lisa Loving

Lisa Loving is an award-winning journalist and media activist. As a staff member and volunteer at KBOO Community Radio in Portland, Oregon, she has trained hundreds of everyday people in the tools of independent journalism. She has reported for WIRED and the Oregonian; she was the stringer on the ground for the The New York Times when Keiko the Killer Whale was flown into the Oregon Coast Aquarium from Mexico. But Lisa has spent almost her entire journalism career in community media, including a decade as news editor of The Skanner, an African American family-owned newspaper serving Portland and Seattle. Lisa was one of the University of Oregon Agora Center’s “Front 50” regional innovators in media, and she is convinced that everyday people are -- and have always been -- the real thought leaders in our media landscape.

Lisa at Microcosm Publishing

Street Journalism at Microcosm Publishing

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Carlos Kareem Windham

Word-smith, musician, activist, playwright, comedian, Carlos Kareem Windham has spent the better part of the last two decades performing for audiences and speaking with students, teachers and organizers on stages and in classrooms across the globe.  Carlos’ works are defiant, explosive explorations of the relationships between race, class and gender in the U.S. and abroad. Whether through the medium of storytelling, lyrics, workshop, or stand-up Carlos takes every opportunity to speak truth to power.

Currently, Carlos serves as emcee and lyricist with Wallace, freestylist and frontman for Lo Speed Chase, is a regular open-mic er and up and coming feature in the Portland stand-up scene, is a regular guest on Mylin & Melanin Podcast, and serves Principal and Founder of El Porvenir Services, LLC. El Porvenir Services, LLC is on a mission to bring communities into the future, and to center the voices of the most impacted in the reclamation of their power in the intersection of race, class, and gender. Through El Porvenir, Carlos works for the creation of just ecosystems where people maintain long-term relationships across difference, in the creation of outcomes that provide equitable opportunities for the most excluded.

Carlos will appear on the September 8th Show at the Jade Lounge @ 6 PM.

Carlos on Facebook & Twitter.

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Karma Rivera

With her clever, edgy lyricism and riotous stage persona, Karma Rivera has risen to star status in the Portland rap scene. The emerging rapper and Hype queen explores the strength and value behind words with meaning, and she does this without seeking to fall on a commercial loophole of music that hardly displays artistic value. While difficult to holistically label, her music lies within the genre realms of rap, hip-hop, and latin trap yet is characterized by an unrivaled individualist style. Driven by passion from writing and performing, Karma covers a wide range of subjects such as sexual identity, how it is to be a woman and a rap artist in the music industry and the musical and cultural movements behind her Afro-Latina roots (Puerto Rican descent). Although originally from Chicago, Karma began making music while attending Washington State University. Today, Karma has gained notoriety in Portland by embracing the opportunity to open for artists like CupcakKe, Princess Nokia, Chief Keef, Xavier Wulf and Snow tha Product. While she’s driven to continue dominating the local Portland scene, her ambitions are to bring her bouncy and catchy sound to the mainstream.

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Mohanad Elsheiky

Mohanad Elshieky is a Portland based comic who was recently named as one of Team Coco Comics to Watch at the New York Comedy Festival. In 2018, he appeared in an episode of Epix’s “Unprotected Sets” and was listed as one of Thrillist’s 50 Best Undiscovered Comics.

Mohanad has a special skill for making you laugh at the seemingly unlaughable, the Libyan-born comedian combines a deceptively laid-back demeanor with his whip-smart perspective on politics and culture. The Portland Mercury called him “an undisputed genius of comedy,” and he's been featured on podcasts such as Lovett or Leave It, Pod Save The People and Harmontown. Elshieky zeros in on topics that make seem off limits - then surprises you with how hard you’re laughing.

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Teressa Raiford

Teressa Raiford is a native of Portland whose family has lived in the city for generations. In addition to being an entrepreneur and consultant, she is a long time community organizer and police accountability advocate whose work around the issue of gun violence led to a meeting with First Lady Michelle Obama in 2013. Raiford began organizing around ending violence in 2010 after her nephew was shot and killed in Old Town.

In 2014, in the wake of massive nationwide outcry over the killing of unarmed black people by police, Raiford formed the group Don’t Shoot Portland. This community action plan focuses on ending police violence and oppression, and creating positive change in our community. In the fall of 2016 the group boldly and publicly criticized the new police union contract negotiated by then Mayor Charlie Hales, as well as the accompanying City Hall closures and police brutality that was ordered by Hales and encountered by citizens engaged in the process around the approval of the contract in public city council meetings.

Throughout all the work that Raiford and Don't Shoot Portland have done, her community organizing has centered youth empowerment through art, community engagement, feeding and clothing those in need in our community, and relationship building that is vital to create strong and resilient communities with a foundation in equity and justice.

It is with her life's work as a community organizer, educator and advocate, and with the continued failures of the mayor's office in mind, that Teressa Raiford has decided to run for Mayor of Portland in 2020.

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